Drawing words on your back

spelling you're my heart attack

31 July 1987
here, Canada
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airplanes, anti-flag, batman, catwoman, dancing, dark haired boys, david beckham, ebay, gogo boots, goldfish boots, lip gloss, loud music, movies, partying, performing, pictures, pretzels, rain, shoes, singing, slushies, snowcones, sour candy, summer, travelling, victoria beckham
Amanda. Mandi. Manda. you can really call me anything, and I'll respond.
I have my loud moments
I love bright colored shoes & musicals
I don't understand the point in violence
I like my music loud
Im absolutely in love with David Beckham

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Date Created:2003-12-19
Number of Posts: 51

Born in the city and shipped off to the North Pole almost immediately. Has had the same best friend since grade one. Spends too much time wearing an apron and creating recipies for disaster. Is saving up to adopt a baby girl from China.
Strengths: Optimistic. speaks fake french. friendly. easily amused.
Weaknesses: Hates almost all foods. spends too much time pretending to be a rockstar in the mirror. lame jokes. has terrible peripheral vision.
Special Skills: Can watch the food network for hours. applies makeup without a mirror.
Weapons: Makes frightening noises. has a collection of colorful scissors. wears sharp earrings.
Pet Peeves: People that don't press clear on the microwave. boring courses. the north pole.

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